A Virtual Creator...

Garrett began his career in web design and development creating his first website in Microsoft Front Page in 8th grade. Although those days have now long passed he now utilizes the latest techniques and technologies to craft highly interactive, state-of-the-art websites and apps for desktops, mobile devices, and emerging media. He has 6 years of web design experience with high proficiency in front-end web development (HTML5,CSS3,JS), WordPress Development, UI/UX design, brand development, internet marketing, social media marketing, SEO concepts and traditional print design among other things. When asked what motivates him, Garrett responds "Finding that synergy between design, usability, and functionality is what transforms a ‘plain vanilla’ product into an amazing interactive experience. That’s what drives me.” Although Garrett is a skilled and experienced developer, he actually has an extensive art background finishing up his last semester for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Garrett has always had a huge soft spot for non-profits and currently works for one. He is the Lead Designer and Developer for The All American Boys Chorus. He has also done a lot of non-profit work in freelance for Serving People In Need and The Young Presidents Organization. Prior to The All-American Boys Chorus, he worked for the Santa Catalina Island Company, Source Enterprises and Contexture Media Intl.


  • Wireframing
  • Web Page Layout
  • Cross-Browser Issues
  • User Flows
  • Site Mapping
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2015
  • Wireframing
  • Web Page Layout
  • Typography
  • Grid Development
  • Color Theory
Front End Development
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Some Javascript Concepts
  • jQuery
  • Cross-Browser Issues
  • CodeKit
  • GitHub
  • Atom
Back End Development
  • PHP with WordPress
  • WordPress

Skills and Passions

UI Design

Understanding the balance between the interface and the experience is critical to designing the right solution. An elegant and aesthetic interface is a vital part of any design and must be given the proper care it deserves.

UX Design

Solving problems with a user-centered approach is one of Garrett’s strong points and is something he is passionate about. Sketching complex system problems is both rewarding and exciting for Garrett.


With extensive knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, as well as solid foundations in Jquery, PHP with WordPress, and SASS, Garrett is perfectly capable of building beautiful websites using the latest technologies and the best coding practices.