Current Project


Project Details


Logo Design

The original concept for this project was to focus on a microbrewery that focused on a certain area of the world. The name of the beer and the brewery needed to be portmanteaus based on the concept you had. My idea for this project was to make an international micro brewery based on cities. Each beer would be a different city and the name of the beer would be a portmanteau taken from the city name + the beer flavor/style.

Brewery Name

Brewtropolis = Brewery + Metropolis.

Beer Names

Stoublin = Stout + Dublin

Londale = London + Pale Ale

Blondey = Sydney + Blonde

Pilris = Paris + Pilsner

Portyork = New York + Porter


Research and Inspiration

I knew right off the bat that I wanted to go with something with an art-deco feel. I thought it would be interesting to put a twist on typical beer bottles that have a very abstract illustrative style and make something with a lot of line work and structure. I though that the idea of structure fit well with the city idea so I ran with it.

Beginning Sketches


When choosing a type face for this project I really wanted to find something that emphasize the idea of art deco. I also wanted to shy away from the typical “beer” looking fonts. I wanted this brand to be more unique however still appeal to the wide market that is beer drinkers.


Final Design