Project Details

CORE Energy

Logo Design

Core Energy is the your ultimate nutritious snack for people who love staying healthy and active. The logo for Core needs to look rejuvenating and fresh. It needs to have a sense of a strong physique but also modern and slick. The logo needs to communicate, health, fitness, nutrition, and physique all together.

Research and Inspiration

In the research phase of this process I noticed a similarity with a lot of nutrition logos having pure white backgrounds and normal greens to grab your attention and make you think health consciously. I wanted to create something that still had the feel of a nutrition bar but was geared towards an audience of all ages who are into staying active and healthy. I wanted to give the logo a bit more “umph!”.

Beginning Sketches


The typography for this design was really important for me. I wanted to create a typeface for the brand that fit this high performance nutritional snack. I wanted something that was sleek but strong. I went with creating a typeface that was bold in physique but curved all the edges off to keep the feeling of a smooth nutritional snack.


Final Design