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Innovation Center For Design Excellence

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ICDE : Innovation Center For Design Excellence

Logo Design


IncDesignEx is a start up nonprofit organization located in Southern California, and is a International grass roots organization dedicated to improving the lives of design students and departments through scholarship opportunities. Only 28.3% of 18 to 24-year-olds within the United States enroll in four-year institutions, and worse yet only 12.7% of this age group enroll in two-year institutions for a total of 41%. With the cost of tuition increasing exponentially students and their families need a way to bridge the gap to make higher education more affordable, The Innovation Center for Design Excellence was founded to bridge this gap.

Goals & Objectives
  • Create a recognizable brand across all media platforms
  • Design a logo mark that encompasses the idea of design and moving towards excellence
  • Develop a solid concept that evokes the idea of raising money for design schools and students

Research and Inspiration

Beginning Sketches



Final Design