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Personal Logo

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At times, design can be extremely challenging and frustrating when designing for others and that statement is put on an entirely different level when designing for yourself. I had a logo I made back when I first started to brand myself and I thought the concept was pretty cool so I went with the idea that I had to begin with:

GSG Logo

Again, I liked my concept but it was not near close to being done, so I went back to the drawing board and my next round came out like this.


This was a cleaner design to the original idea and I was liking the direction it was going however it felt fragile and weak and I wanted something that was bold and strong because that is how I want people to think of my work and the work that I do for others.


Research and Inspiration

When designing a logo for myself I wanted to create something that was bold and memorable and followed the same concept that I had in my original idea. I wanted something that looked modern, strong, and reliable.

Beginning Sketches


In picking a font family for my brand I wanted something that really screamed modern and sophisticated. Something bold, strong, but also welcoming. I ended up going with Lato and for a hint of sophistication Roboto Slab. I really love the contrast between these two font families and I think they work really well together and succeed in delivering the correct message.


With color I wanted to portray a sense of reliability and trust. I thought a nice baby blue would be perfect in communicating that feeling to my potential employers & clients. I also added a nice pink for contrast against the blue for a great highlight color for certain elements within my brand.

Final Design