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A-Frame Surfing Magazine

Project Details

A-Frame Surfing Magazine

Magazine Concept Design

A-Frame Magazine is a print publication that will focus on surfing imagery and anything to do with the ocean and its extreme nature. The Magazine will feature imagery from local surf spots and articles about the history of the area along with up and coming events/accessories for the industry. The target audience is adrenaline junkies ages 18-25, higher income brackets, married and divorced, with and without children.

Audience Analysis

The magazine will focus on targeting men and women of all nationalities who enjoy surfing and the surfing world. This category of people are looking for a publication that shows the beauty and sublime of the environment that they enjoy riding. It will also cover accessories, board styles, clothing etc.

Goals & Objectives

A-Frame will address the different sub topics of surfing such as the latest from surfing competitions, the way certain breaks work and why, the newest technology in wetsuits and other accessories. We hope to meet the following objectives with this publication:

  • To present fast and dynamic imagery of surfing.
  • To provide information for new accessories to be bought.
  • To make people aware of the reasons why certain breaks are so amazing.

Research and Inspiration

I knew that I wanted to create a feeling of space in the design. I wanted to use imagery as a driving force for the design and create movement with small elements to push your eye to the next page.

Beginning Sketches



Final Design