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Micro-Macro Business Cards

Project Details

Micro-Macro Business Cards

Business Card Design

This project is actually one of my favorites from my studies at Cal State University Fullerton. The idea behind the project was to create a a macro design of 12 individual business cards. The trick to the project was that all of the twelve business cards needed to function on their own as well as all together. Another design problem was the fact that on the macro design their needed to be at least a certain amount of image to image connections and text to image connections or text to text connections on a grid as seen below.

Research and Inspiration

During the research phase of this project I decided that I wanted to create something that felt extremely fluid within a pretty definitive structure and prompt that we were given. I felt that other designs that I was finding were all pretty grid like since the basis of this project was an extreme focus on grid.

Beginning Sketches



Final Design