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Mustang Typography Poster

Project Details

Mustang Typography Poster

Type Poster

This project has a special place in my heart because I made it for my father’s 60th birthday. The first car that he ever remembers seeing was a 1964 and half Ford Mustang when he was ten years old. His next door neighbor worked at Ford and drove the car home the first day it rolled off the lot and he never forgot it. Since that day he had always wanted a Mustang. Low and behold he finally had the means to get one and it happened to be right around his 60th birthday. I decided as a gift to him I would make a typography poster of the car.

Goals and Objectives

I wanted the design to communicate a few things…

  • Capture the car’s contour outline and old-school feel
  • Create a sense of remembrance/reminiscence about the year the car came out
  • Resemble ads from the times but with a modern touch

Research and Inspiration

Beginning Sketches


When creating this type poster. I wanted to capture the car as best I could with all type and without distorting the type at all. Just using letterforms together as is to create shape and form.


When choosing colors for this poster I really wanted the car to speak for itself. So I went with the colors of the car, red exterior and and white interior and then I put a black background in order for those colors to really pop.

Final Design