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Everything Peanut Butter

Project Details

Everything Peanut Butter

Concept Web Design

Everything Peanut Butter is a concept that I came up with for a catering company that makes everything peanut butter. The idea behind the design was to create a sense of a creamy sensation when visiting the site that makes you crave peanut butter. I wanted to use great imagery as a way to communicate this message along with a very luscious deep brown and a light yellow/orange as the accent color.

Research and Inspiration

While in the research phase for the design. I noticed that many sites were not capturing a sense of indulgence in their products and I wanted to bring that into everything peanut butter’s design.


User Flows

Beginning Sketches



In choosing a typeface for the brand. I wanted to use something that really complimented the creamy goodness that is peanut butter. I thought that Comfortaa would be a great fit with its curved edges and thicker weight.


Final Design