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Serving People In Need

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Serving People In Need

Website Redesign

Establishing and online presence that will translate SPIN vision to engage it’s base. Doing so effectively requires a website that reflects its unique business identity. SPIN should avoid prepackaged designs and opt for a unique design that not only looks great, but meshes perfectly with it’s long term vision. In short, SPIN needs a site that…

Goals and Objectives
  • Integrates layout, logos, and custom graphics seamlessly into a single digital platform
  • Is easy to customize and maintain without sacrificing quality
  • Dynamic consistent look and feel regardless of whether viewed on a computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Create “sticky” environment

Research and Inspiration

When researching for SPIN I wanted to create something that pulled at your heart strings and pushed people to donate and volunteer to this wonderful non-profit. The site needed to be modern but also convey a sense of hope. On SPIN’s old site, their content was all over the place and I wanted to really put emphasis on their success rate of 92% and show off a fabulous video they have of what they are all about. These two items together could really get a user to want to help out or donate to their cause.


User Flows

Beginning Sketches



SPIN already had a font that they used for their branding documents, however I wanted to use something that could be viewed on all devices, So I went with a font from Google Fonts called Crimson Text. This font complimented their logo nicely and is easy to read as well as it stands out from the crowd of most non-profits using san-serif fonts.


Spin’s colors were already chosen for me in the fact that they were in their brand. I had to do my best to use a the purple and orange and accents throughout the entire site in order to not overwhelm the user with deep color.

Final Design