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The All-American Boys Chorus

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The All-American Boys Chorus

Website Redesign

The All-American Boys Chorus, America’s quintessential professional boys chorus, has delighted audiences worldwide for over forty years. Based in Costa Mesa, California. the Chorus is comprised of over 100 boys ages 8 – 15 drawn from throughout Southern California. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Wesley Martin, a veteran of Hungary’s renowned Kodaly Institute, the Chorus provides boys with comprehensive musical training and unsurpassed performance and touring opportunities.

The choir was looking for a fresh face to their brand and wanted to show that off through their website. They had never had a strong online presence and looked to me to complete that goal for them.

Design Goals and Objectives
  • Create and experience that leads people to inquiring about the choir
  • Build a website that is responsive and can be viewed on all devices
  • Implement a system that allows them to push several items at once on the home page
  • Create a more appealing visual environment for the potential presenter who may book the choir
  • Appeal to the age groups of 6-9 years of age but also to the parents of any age

Research and Inspiration

During the research phase I noticed that many of the choirs throughout the U.S.A. do not have a solid online presence and many of the sites look quite outdated and quite frankly put a bad taste in your mouth. I wanted to create something that looked just as good as the boys sound and could appeal to a kid wanting to have fun and make friends and parents that want a wonderful youth program for their young boy to grow and mature in.

Some Competitors

User Flows

Beginning Sketches




Final Design