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USC Gameday App

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USC Gameday App

Concept App Design

I am a huge fan of USC football and put a lot of use into the current USC GameDay app. My conclusion… I can’t stand it. It is too loud and there is not enough space. There is no accent color, which makes it difficult to see where to go and how to use the app. On the navigation there is no way to understand how to navigate with a side-scroll, it is automatically assumed that you know that and considering the wide range of users…young and old… there is no way for everyone to automatically know that you need to swipe left and right to go through the navigation for the app. It even took me a few seconds to figure it out which in my opinion is too long and could be frustrating for a user with no as much app experience as the young generation.

In terms of the look and feel for the app, I wanted to create something that felt tough, physical, and bold just like the tradition of USC football itself. I wanted it too feel historic but I wanted a modern take on that, just like the colosseum is too the football program and the school.

Design Goals and Objectives
  • Create and experience that leads people to finding scores, times, and news with ease
  • Visually create a feeling of history and tradition along with a modern growing football program
  • Design a feeling of physicality, toughness, and bold
  • Simplify the navigation system so content is found easily by all age groups
  • Develop and strong type set that aids in the experience of being apart of something classic and modern

Research and Inspiration

User Flows

Beginning Sketches



When choosing a type set for the app I wanted the type to really accentuate the design. The type needed to scream college level sports, it needed to follow the trend of being bold, and strong. I also needed a font for easy reading that would compliment the main typeface. I ended up going with Varsity Regular and Avenir. I felt that Varsity Regular really pushed the app to the next level of physicality and strength. Also, Avenir was the perfect match as an easy to read san-serif that works great for simple descriptions, sub heads and links.


I wanted go with a darker feel for the app to create almost a cinema feel that felt strong and let the colors of the school really pop against the background. I felt that in the original design of the app there was no accent, no hierarchy with color. I wanted to create that by using the cardinal and gold colors of the school as accents for the design.

Final Design