Project Details


Prototype Web Design

YouthSpeak is an idea for youth to create videos of them speaking on various topics and submit them to a panel of judges for voting. The winners would win various prizes and money to be applied to scholarships towards college educations.

Goals and Objectives

Establishing and online presence that will translate YouthSpeaks vision to engage it’s base. Doing so effectively requries a website that reflects its unique business identity. Youth Speaks should avoid prepackaged designs and opt for a unique design that not only looks great, but meshes perfectly with it’s long term vision. In short, YouthSpeaks needs a site that:

  • Integrates layout, logos, and custom graphics seamlessly into a single digital platform
  • Is easy to customize and maintain without sacrificing quality
  • Dynamic consistent look and feel regardless of whether viewed on a computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Create “sticky” environment

Research and Inspiration

In the research stage for this site, I wanted to look for other sites that were extremely video heavy in content, obviously the first site that came to mind was Youtube. Youtube does a great job with experience for any type of video however I wanted to go with something that was much more focused and streamlined. I really liked that way NBC’s The Voice site was set up and since their show is also a competition it fit very well with what I was trying to achieve. I also really enjoyed the way Ted Talks site was organized. I thought it fit well to the design problems that I had for designing YouthSpeak in the way there are an unlimited amount of topics however, there is no competition aspect to the site.

User Flows

Beginning Sketches



In choosing a font for YouthSpeak, I wanted something that looked modern but wasn’t too distracting from the content of the site. I needed something that was very easy to read and had many weights for use in hierarchy.


When picking colors for YouthSpeak I wanted to create something like a theater esque feel but also have a fun highlight color so that button and call to actions really stand out.

Final Design